Submit a photo and story to The Humanity Gallery’s public photo sharing website. The best part of this project is that it invites everyone to take part. No photography skills are required – in fact, the more real the image the better sometimes!

Simply email a digital photo to Heather Gordon-Young along with your mini-post and feel free to include a link to your own blog at the end. It’s helpful to let us know where you’re from and what name or initials you’d like included with the photo. People like to get a sense of who we’re meeting on the screen.

You might want to be creative and post under a new name or pseudonym that’s unique to this project. Alternatively, if you wish the photo to be anonymous we’ll be absolutely certain to respect your wishes and simply flag ‘anonymous’ at the end of your submission.


1. Send an email to: with an image attached.

2. Type the name of the exhibition in the subject line.

3. Write a short description or story to accompany the image. Include your name, initials or “anonymous” and where you’re from (city or country). Don’t forget to include a link to your own site or blog if you have one!

Thank you for the very generous act of contributing to the Humanity Gallery.