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This public art project was created by Heather Gordon-Young. She is a writer, a graduate of Antioch University’s MFA program and the Executive Director of Powell River Child, Youth and Family Services Society.  She lives on the coast in the Pacific Northwest in Powell River, a little Canadian town that is accessible only by air or sea. Link to her website

She writes about the Humanity Gallery:

“I am fascinated by human beings. This is why the Humanity Gallery came to be.  It’s also why I’m a writer.  This project provides a place to notice the ways in which we are deeply connected, sharing our walk across the planet.

“I am astonished at us all. I want to capture the magnificence of ordinary human lives, but also the catastrophes we sometimes find there, hidden away in our own stories. As human beings in an increasingly isolated world, it’s easy to miss the meaningful ways in which we are linked by shared experiences. But also, at this point in history, with such brilliant technology at our fingertips, we are gifted with incredible opportunities to connect with people we would otherwise never have a chance to know, and share a connectedness we might never otherwise be aware of.

“The Humanity Gallery is a project designed to capture this connectedness and the essence of the human experience that we share.”

The Humanity Gallery invites you to share your stories online. Personal story sharing with a photo submission is welcome in any of our open categories.