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Welcome to the Humanity Gallery! I am excited to be sharing this online gallery that celebrates the ordinary and miraculous connectedness of human beings. The newest exhibition is “Nurse Logs” which you will find the beginnings of under EXHIBITIONS. Great to have you here! 

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Heather Gordon-Young

Nurse Logs and the Art of Letting Go

Nurse Logs are fallen trees in the forest that have begun to decay, to allow new life to spring from the softened fibre that was once a tree. Its a challenge to let go of goals or ideas we’ve set for ourselves that haven’t worked out quite they way we thought they would. Whether these goals are about work or fitness or family, sometimes the most important thing we can do is to let them go. It’s in the very act of letting go that the softening begins, allowing new life to take root. And who knows what mighty timber will take root in what we’ve learned?  I invite you to share your own story. Whether its a relationship or a project, we all need to learn to learn to let go to make way for new beginnings. How have you learned to let go? What have you learned along the way?