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To Linger

To linger: to stay in a place longer than necessary, typically because of a reluctance to leave: “she lingered in the yard, enjoying the warm sunshine”. Where do you find yourself lingering? Do you give yourself permission to linger over a cup of coffee, on a run in the forest, by the fire on a rainy day or over dinner with friends? Take some time to linger – on purpose – and send along a photo.


I’m fascinated by the incredible diversity found across the world’s cultures and religions, many expressing unique beliefs and ideas, all so different and yet with elements that are achingly familiar. The passion that is embedded in religion so often creates the richest colours, the most meaningful art, the most striking experiences of humanity. What images represent your beliefs or the beliefs your family held up for you? What photos are meaningful to you because of the religious ideas embedded there, whether or not you share the beliefs? Take a photo of something that stirs your fascination about the way we believe things and send us your story!

Honouring Wisdom

This gallery exists to create a place to honour those who have been a source of wisdom in our lives. In the spirit of the Christmas season I’ve used the biblical imagery of the wise men and their story.  It harnesses for each us an opportunity to reflect on our own journey, and the need for boundless vision and dedication. Who, in your life, has been a source of wisdom along the way? Honour them with a photo and share your story. Here’s to the wise men and women who shape our lives.

By This Time Next Year

How will 2013 be different for you? Sometimes New Year’s Resolutions make us more accountable if we write them down, or better yet post them somewhere we can go back to review this time next year! Take a photo that represents a goal or two you have for yourself in 2013 and send it along.  Or scribble your resolutions down on a scrap of paper or a napkin at a dinner party and take a picture with your phone to post in this gallery. Be sure to let me know if you’d like your submission to be anonymous. A fun way to think about making a change!

Holiday Kisses

Get out your lipstick and strike a pose or capture that precious shot beneath the mistletoe! Grandparents and boyfriends, pets and kids, even complete strangers! Enjoy the season that comes with such a good excuse for holiday kisses. Send us your funniest, bravest, silliest, sexiest, prettiest kiss pictures and the stories they tell.

And so this is Christmas

Sparkles and families and parcels and friends! In this gallery we’ll share the way we celebrate and experience this holiday season. Send along photos of your Christmas preparations and celebrations, your gatherings, your fun – even your frustrations. Also a good place to remember the ones you’re missing around your table. Dig out and scan an old photo that makes you smile or send along a picture of your tree. Remember to include a few sentences that tell us about the photo.

Welcome to the Humanity Gallery

Welcome to the Humanity Gallery! I am excited to be launching this on-line gallery, a public art project and space for sharing the experiences of being human, created by the very generous acts of the people who contribute to this gallery.  I am grateful for the work of the small team of people who have helped bring the Humanity Gallery to life: to my husband, James Gordon, for his persistent encouragement, to Mia Johnson of Kitsmedia, Vancouver with her artistic excellence and social media expertise, to those who generously contributed submissions while the gallery was still being developed, and to my father, Jim Young, who has spent endless hours working with me on ideas and images and providing technical support.


Heather Gordon-Young